Welcome to just black bags, the only independent black bags company

My name is Ismail Hassan, I work as a sole trader, I started this business in 2006 When I was thinking of a name for the company I thought because I only sell Black bin bags that it would be appropriate to keep things simple by naming ourselves just black bags, we buy, sell, supply, and deliver quality black bin Bags to restaurants, hotels, bars, clubs, cafes, pubs, social clubs, and many many different types of business connected to the hospitality business.

We also supply companies not connected to the hospitality trade like the wholesale fashion businesses, garden centres, supermarkets or any Business that uses black bags, we have been doing this for over 15 years and I am Proud to say that we have a winning formula, that is, a wide range of quality Products of the highest order, competitive prices and an excellent after sales service, we don’t import black bags from abroad, we have only ever used UK Manufactures to make our bags, this way we have manage to control the quality by keeping it consistent at all times guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

we have an excellent relationship with our suppliers who we have been using for many years now, we have built a trusting and a good business relationship, the nature of this business is it’s a repeat orders business, so it is imperative for us to make sure 100% that our customers are one of the most important parts of our business, making sure that every delivery is consistent quality and that our customers are happy, this is what we believe in and continue to strive for perfection in product and service.

You may ask what makes you different? Well we do understand that there are cash and carry companies and other companies that supply black bags with other products but they offer only a Limited range of black sacks which cannot accommodate all types of bin sizes or waste capacity, some bags they offer do not fit correctly but at just black Bags we have the finest range of black bags to suit all sizes of bins and hold all types of light or heavy waste, so it’s a customer choice, we can also make Black bags made to measure, if need be, we can also offer black bags in bulk.

Orders too, if you happen to buy black bags in bulk (pallets) then we can offer Wholesale prices, you could save a fortune, we specialise in one product which we buy in bulk which makes us even more competitive than other companies.

Finally, thank you for taking the time to read this short profile and we look forward to seeing you buying our Black Bags,

Kind regards

Ismail Hassan

Company Director